5 reasons why you should make your next girls’ trip the Great Endeavour Rally!

Susan and I are heading to the Woolshed at Jondaryan to join the one day rally this weekend. 

It’s got us thinking about why we swapped our normal five-star girls’ trips for the Great Endeavour Rally.

1. Adventure

If you’re like us, you’re in charge of the family calendar.

You know who has what sport on which afternoon. You schedule weekend activities, family gatherings, pay the bills and cook dinner every freaking night!

Our normal escapes from the every day involve cocktails and long lunches, but last year we swapped our usual five star accommodation for swags under a million stars!  

Imagine waking up each morning with no idea what the day holds, who’s making lunch or what’s for dinner?

We cannot stress it enough: not knowing is SO. MUCH. FUN.

By the morning briefing you’ll know which outback school P&C is making lunch and how to get there, but the rest of the day stretches out in front of you.

What’s around the next corner is yours to discover.

The best part? After a long day’s drive, dinner is waiting for you and you didn’t have to lift a finger!

2. Challenge

Like many adults, the vast majority of our life is routine. We’re rarely faced with a challenge we’re not certain we can tackle. 

As we drove down the highway towards the start line last year, we reassured each other that we were well prepared. We shared nervous giggles about what might lay ahead.

We had no idea what to expect, whether our car was up to the challenge and if we’d be capable of fixing it should something go awry.

Our 80 series – whom we affectionately named Kenny after Kenny Rodgers – handled the terrain without a hiccup*.

Great Endeavour Rally, Southern Safari
Tacking the (only) water crossing. Credit: Red Hot Shotz

3. People

It goes without saying that if you put eighty odd like-minded people in a group for nine days, they’ll become friendly.

But when those eighty participants are adventure-loving, challenge-embracing folk who are motivated to raise money and support a great cause – they’ll become rallytives.

The mates we made on the rally come from all over the country and all walks of life. Over nine days and 3000 dusty kilometres we really got to know each other.

While cars compete for the overall rally win, when your “check brake” light comes on in the middle of nowhere, it becomes clear that we’re all on the same team.

Each year the Endeavour Foundation bring three clients along on the rally – they’re #TeamPossible! If you find yourself feeling tired from a long day driving, a quick chat with the Endeavour Team is enough to remind you to look around and remember how special it is to be exploring parts of Australia you never thought you’d experience. Getting to know the Endeavour Team was one of the highlights of our rally last year. 

The Endeavour Team’s enthusiasm is infectious. Photo Credit: Red Hot Shotz

4. The Cause

The Endeavour Foundation was established in 1951 by parents of children with a disability in response to their kids being ostracised from public schools in Queensland. These wonderful parents argued that children with intellectual disability should have the same rights to education and other life opportunities as everyone else. 

This belief has underpinned the Endeavour Foundation’s approach throughout the decades. The Foundation provides its clients with education and fulfilling employment; focusing on inclusion, a feeling of purpose and self worth.

Last year the Great Endeavour Rally raised $330,000 for the Endeavour Foundation’s latest focus: using virtual reality to help train their clients for real world situations.

Clients can now practice crossing the road, using an ATM, recharging their go card, navigating to the right platform and getting on the right train all in a safe environment before they tackle it in the real world.

Some clients are even learning how to be baristas – practicing in virtual reality before they master the (high temperature) art and graduate to the Endeavour-run  cafe.

5. The Ultimate Road Trip

There’s no better way to get to really catch up with your mates than nine days on the road.

Road trips mean singing to favourite old songs the radio, laughing at each others bad jokes and long uninterrupted chats that you just don’t manage in normal (busy) life.

You might know your #girlsquad well, but I guarantee that you’ll have a whole new respect for each other after a day in the dust.

So what are you waiting for?

Come join us!


*Our bush mechanic skills weren’t tested in Western New South Wales but who knows what North Queensland will throw at us this year.

FAQs about the Great Endeavour Rally

We’ve been asked many questions about the Rally since we got involved, so we thought we’d try to answer a few of them (as best we can!)

2018 Great Endeavour Rally Southern Safari credit: Red Hot Shotz

Frequently Asked Questions about the Great Endeavour Rally

Do you need an old car?

Some rallies restrict their participants’ vehicles to a particular vintage or value, but there aren’t any restrictions on the Great Endeavour Rally. You can bring your everyday ride, or a car you’ve bought especially for the occasion (like we did.)

But I don’t have a 4WD….

We chose a 4WD as our car for ease and comfort, but there were just as many 2WD cards on the rally.

There are also two courses – the rally course (which we did) and a road course for vehicles more suited to smoother tracks.

Great Endeavour Rally, the flying peanut

Les and the famous Flying Peanut is a veteran road trip car.

What happens if we break down? 

Believe me, when our alternator cracked the shirts on the day before we left, I was worried about what would happen should we break down too. But the thing is, no one is left behind on the Rally.

The cars that did have mechanical difficulties were towed by the Rally’s own tow truck (Towstar) to the next town. From there, if the problem was something the Army Mechanics could solve, the cars were fixed overnight – seriously, it’s like a mechanical version of the old “Elves and the Shoemaker” story, except the elves are massive and wear army greens!

If the problem proved too big for the Army’s Mechanical Elves, the crews found local mechanics to patch them up and the Rally Team made arrangements for them to catch up to us.

Great Endeavour Rally, Lightning Ridge

Car 99 heads to the mechanic atop of the Rally’s dedicated tow truck, Towstar.

How much do I need to raise?

In 2018 the minimum fundraising pledge was $3300.

How much does it cost?

The vehicle entry fee was $330 in 2018.
The individual fee was $850 per person. This included all our tucker plus a night in a lovely warm dorm!

Great Endeavour Rally,

Not your average Sunday drive, credit: Red Hot Shotz

Is it hard?

No. The tracks are graded in terms of difficulty but our car managed without any worries. Sure, I put our most experienced driver in the seat for the really hairy stuff but the tracks were good and there was always someone on the two way should we have run into difficulty.

The Rally also uses a really clever bit of technology called RallySafe. It’s effectively a GPS beacon fitted to each car. Vehicles can then be tracked and messages relayed via satellite. Because of this extra layer of safety, the Great Endeavour Rally gets to travel some remote and rugged stages that other rallies can’t.

Great Endeavour Rally, Southern Safari

Tackling a water crossing. Credit: Red Hot Shotz

Do I need good tyres?

There were a number of times during rocky stages of the 2018 Rally, when we were grateful to our sponsor for our four shiny new tyres. Could you do it without good tyres? Probably. Would you have spent time in the dust and prickles on the side of the road changing tyres? Most definitely!

Is there any age restriction?

Participants and vehicles of all ages and abilities are welcome.

We saw some amazing parts of the country, that I didn’t even know I wanted to see! Credit: Red Hot Shotz

How much fun is it?

Plenty. In all honesty, we had more fun last year than we expected. We knew we’d enjoy it, but we were really happily surprised by how much fun the other teams were.  I also really enjoyed waking up each morning, not really knowing what the day would hold.  I saw parts of Australia that I’d never seen – or knew I wanted to see – and I’m so thrilled I did.

Where do you sleep?

We travelled with a swag each. Other teams slept in the back of their cars. The Army send a “Spares Truck” along for the ride, we were able to send our swags and one of our spare tyres to the next stop in their truck, so they didn’t get dusty during the day.the beloved Army Spares Truck

Is it an actual race?

It’s not a race in that the first car to the checkpoint wins. Instead points are allocated on the average  time taken to complete the course and penalties are issued to cars who are too fast or too slow. (Mostly too slow when I’m driving!)

I don’t know anything about fixing cars?

That makes two of us! I’m pleased to say that we only lifted the bonnet to do some basic maintenance each morning. We checked the oil, topped up the brake fluid and cleaned the air filter a couple of times, but apart from that we were putting all our faith into the Army and a few of our better qualified Rally mates.

Soni gives the air filter a clean while the Army Elves look on uncomfortably.

The cold overnight temperature of Lightning Ridge got the better of our electric window motor and we were faced with spending a very dusty day with our drivers side window down. Then, out of nowhere, a knight in shining commodore appeared! A few well directed taps and the window was up (not to be put down again!) 😉

So that’s about all of the questions we’ve been asked about the Rally.
Did I miss one? Ask it in the section below! 🙂


Great Endeavour Rally, Southern Safari, Kenny's Angels, Red Hot Shotz

2018 Great Endeavour Rally Southern Safari

I can’t quite find the words to describe just how much fun we had on the Rally.

We saw parts of Australia that we’d never seen and received the warmest welcomes from tiny country towns along the way.

The car held up beautifully and we only needed to enlist the help of the army once – when mysteriously all four of our tyres went down overnight! 😉

Great Endeavour Rally, Southern Safari, Kenny's Angels

The Media Crew turned up in the most unexpected spots!

We laughed our way across country New South Wales, mastering the rally directions (called a tulip), navigating grids, fences and a single water crossing, all while only stopping to rehydrate.

We discovered our inner hoons (Soni’s wasn’t hidden far below the surface), and a love of jerky and fried chicken.

Great Endeavour Rally, Southern Safari, Kenny's Angels

You call that a water crossing? Susan’s Fraser 4WD experience comes to the fore.

Our high points included having a few Endeavour clients join us for different stages of the drive and meeting wonderful new friends – both from the Rally and from the towns that really rolled out the red carpet for us.

Great Endeavour Rally, Southern Safari, Kenny's Angels

Proud to have finished, but a bit sad our adventure was over!

We’re proud to announce that by the last day Kenny’s Angels had raised just over $10,000 for the Endeavour Foundation to implement virtual reality training for clients to practice things like crossing the road, catching the train and using an ATM from the safety of the classroom.

We had so much fun we’re planning on joining the Rally again next year as it makes it’s way from Bundaberg to Townsville via Karumba and Julia Creek!

Stay tuned!
Amanda x

Great Endeavour Rally, Southern Safari, Kenny's Angels, Red Hot Shotz

Our thanks to Red Hot Shotz for capturing these wonderful images

Here’s a little video from behind the scenes!

Final Preparations

We’re T minus 2 for departure and we’re getting excited (and more than a little apprehensive about the forecast cold snap.)

Line positions were determined last Thursday and, based on our fundraising efforts, we’ll be starting in ninth place on the grid.

Amanda joined Annie Gaffney on ABC Sunshine Coast yesterday to chat about the Rally and our preparations. You can listen here – fast forward to half way.


ATL Graphix have done an incredible job adding the Kenny’s Angels logo to the bonnet of our car and making our sponsor’s stickers shine – thanks Bruce and Kerry!

Beerwah Tyres have shouted us some fresh new tyres for our front wheels (giving us another spare). We have a feeling we’ll be thanking Adrian and the team on the side of a dusty road somewhere along the track!

So all that’s left now is to load up and head to the Gold Coast on Friday for final scrutineering and our driver briefing.


You can keep track of our progress during the rally on our facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/kennysangelsrally/

We’re still aiming to raise as much money as we can for the Endeavour Foundation – so please keep your donations coming – every dollar counts!

See you on the finish line!
Sonia, Susan and Amanda

barefoot bowls fundraiser

Thanks to everyone who helped make Saturday’s fundraiser a success. We’re chuffed to announce we raised $1420.15 for the Endeavour Foundation!

Thanks to these wonderful local businesses who donated raffle prizes: Australia Zoo, Aussie World, Beerwah Small Engines, the Pump House, Mrs Browns, Banjos, Go Turf, Grandview on Fraser, Wild Horse Turf, Follow Me Hair Fashions, Liaison Hair Fashions, Matthew James Metal Arts, Cooker and a Looker and All in One Fitness.

Click through to see all the fun!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks also to Chris from Red Hot Shotz for snapping these great pictures of the day!

If you missed the day, but would still like to contribute to the Endeavour Foundation, you can use this link! https://2018ger.everydayhero.com/au/kennys-angels

A x

road testing the rally

On April 21 Susan and Amanda headed to Imbil and put our rally car (and our post-wedding hangovers) through its paces and did a trial one day rally through the bush around Gympie/Imbil/Widgee.

It was wet and slippery and we got it sideways a couple of times but we did it!
We can’t wait for the big rally.

If you’d like to help our fundraising efforts and donate to the Endeavor Foundation you can do so with this link: https://2018ger.everydayhero.com/au/kennys-angels


Join us on 26 May at Club Glass House for a fun day of barefoot bowls, raffles and prizes to raise funds to support the wonderful work of the Endeavour Foundation.

Where: Club Glass House

When: 26 May 2018, 2pm

What: barefoot bowls, raffles and competitions.

Win: a Fraser Island holiday at Ewannala, Orchid Beach.

How much: $10 per person.

Enter your team of 2 by emailing amanda@wildhorseturf.com.au

City versus Country Cricket Day

We hosted the annual City versus Country Cricket Day on 7 October with proceeds going towards our fundraising efforts for the Endeavour Foundation.

The rain threatened to disrupt play, but cricket prevailed.

At stumps, against all odds (and to everyone’s surprise) Country were the winners. 

Thanks to the cricketers’ generous donations we raised $352 for the Endeavour Foundation!

farewell to the fifth Angel: John

On 1 October we farewelled the fifth member of Kenny’s Angels – John.

Before his departure for WA, John had been working on getting our rig rally-ready: replacing filters, belts and hoses so we start the rally in the best nick possible.

We’re grateful for all his hard work and for John and Jan’s unexpected and generous donation of $600 towards the cause.

Thanks John, we hope you and Jan have a terrific time in WA and we promise to keep you updated on our progress!

4 girls, 4 wheels and the Great Endeavour Rally

To what lengths will four mums from Glass House Mountains go to for a break?

Turns out they’ll drive from the Gold Coast to Yamba via Dubbo!

Our all-woman team will be raising dust and dollars for the Endeavour Foundation by joining the Great Endeavour Rally in June 2018.

We’ve chosen a team name, bought an old landcruiser wagon and set about making it rally ready.

Keen to follow along? You can follow us by subscribing below.

Want to make a donation? You can donate to the Endeavour Foundation by clicking our team link here.

kennys angels great endeavour rally